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Oncology Massage with Nelly

                                       Oncology Massage    
Cancer patients benefit from receiving massage therapy.  My primary focus is to support their journey into a healthier state by providing them an opportunity to relax deeply. The relaxation response the body experiences provides a positive emotional and mental effect.  For most, this is their opportunity to quiet the mind, let go and fall into a deep state of relaxation.

I begin the session by comfortably positioning the client on the table.  I then select natural essential oil products that will hydrate their skin and satisfy their sense of smell.  The room is quiet with soft sounds in the background and dim lighting.  My touch is gentle and soothing and I make sure to incorporate Reiki energy therapy to balance their energy flow.  Reiki forms an integral part of the session; especially in the areas that are tender to touch.

This session is the ultimate profound relaxation therapy the client looks forward to receiving.  For most is the only session that can help them completely separate from their daily health preoccupation.

And....usually at the end of the session, they softly say:  "that was wonderful."  
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