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Reiki Therapy with Nelly

Reiki Therapy A Reiki session with me is always an original experience.  I say this because I have been offering Reiki sessions since 1997 and the experience has molded my work into what I believe to be an "energy" therapy session.  Or as I like to call it:  "Reiki beyond positions".  

Traditionally, Reiki therapy involves using a set of hand positions (12 hand positions) lightly placed over specific areas (chakras) on front and back of the body.  Although, this practice works; my personal work is a bit more extensive and goes beyond this simple yet powerful method.  

I begin the session by scanning the client while they are standing.  This gives me an idea of where on their body most of their stagnation resides.  Once on the table, the client lies comfortably, fully clothed on a massage table with dim lighting and soft sounds in the background to help them relax.  I begin my work, feeling for energy density, formations, lack of energy, hyper energy locations; using my hands and without touching the client's body.  When I find these energy imbalances, I work using various energy techniques to balance the client's energy flow.  

Reiki TherapyThe client's only responsibility during a session is to allow themselves to relax and fall into a deep state of relaxation.  This state of relaxation is responsible for the body's ability to rebalance itself while I am working.  The most successful Reiki sessions are experienced when the client is profoundly relaxed.

A balanced physical body means you can participate in practically any physical activity; thus, a balanced energy body means you can excel physically.  In other words, one does not go without the other.  Your energy body is imperative to how you feel and act.  

If you are feeling tired, emotionally drained, fatigued, stressed and physically sick, Reiki is a safe, non-invasive, deeply relaxing therapy that can make you feel better.
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