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Therapeutic Massage with Nelly

Therapeutic Massage My goal with therapeutic massage is to help the client maintain a pain-free body for greater movement and flexibility.  My work is individualized, so learning a bit about the client's present physical and emotional health helps me formulate a focused customized session.  I use combinations of different techniques, such as deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, relaxation and energy therapy in every session.  

Therapeutic massage is a complete, full-body session.  This session takes time as muscle adhesions/knots are treated and released.  This is why this session has a recommended time of two hours.  In this session the entire body is addessed, including:  feet, head and gluteals too. I find that issues of sciatica, leg pain, ankle pain, knee pain, etc, can be alleviated and probably prevented, if these areas are addressed in the session.

I am careful to treat the body with care and I slowly and gently prepare each area prior to deep work in order to avoid muscle resistance.  Clients are fully covered for privacy and only the areas that I am working with will be exposed.  Letting the client know which areas I will be addressing next by touching the area over the sheet helps to get them prepared.  No surprises with me and I find that working this way helps the client relax more profoundly and learn to trust the comfort of their session.

I use natural essential oil products in every session that are specific for pain, inflammation and relaxation.  Considering any allergies beforehand and how the client is feeling the day of the session form an integral part of the success and benefits reported by the client.  

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