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Understanding Reiki

Understanding ReikiWhat is Reiki?
Reiki is an energy therapy that helps your body stay balanced.

Where did it come from?
Reiki originated in Japan.  It is an Eastern Medicine practice.

Who are your clients?  
People who tend to be health-conscious, or who are desperate because Western medicine hasn't been able to help them and they're searching for ways to complement what Western medicine cannot do.

Can you elaborate or give a more distinct explanation?
Yes.  Eastern Medicine is holistic in its approach to wellness.  It looks at the whole system, rather than its parts to treat illness.  Western medicine is focused on the details.  Looking more at the micro aspect of health, focusing on specifics and treating as such.  

So, one is better than the other?
No.  Eastern and Western medicine are complementary practices that when used in conjunction can help people find relief.

How do these complement each other?  
Western medicine makes sure that nothing is being missed, particularly life-threatening problems.  Eastern medicine makes sure that the whole body is balanced.

Where does Reiki fall into this category?
Reiki is a Japanese practice and falls into the Eastern Medicine approach to wellness. Its holistic approach to health is complementary to Western medicine.

How does it work?  
Reiki focuses on the body's energy flow.  It works without knowing all the details and does so by rebalancing the system and reestablishing the flow of energy by using the body's own mechanisms.  

Is Reiki offered in hospitals?
Yes, Reiki is offered in hospitals.  For more information on this and for a list of hospitals that offer Reiki, please visit:

For Clinical Studies and Scientific evidence on Reiki: 
NCCAM, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine is one of the 27 branches of the National Institutes of Health ("NIH").  This branch researches complementary medicine and alternative medicine practices.  Scientific studies conducted on Reiki are researched under "complementary medicine"  which refers to the use of Reiki together with conventional medicine.  Reiki is not used as an alternative to conventional medicine.  Rather it is combined with conventional medicine due to it's high quality evidence of safety and effectiveness.  It is also called Integrated medicine.  For clinical studies using Reiki, please visit: and search for reiki.
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