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Your Reiki Session

Your Reiki SessionHow many Reiki energy sessions do I need?
It is different with every person. It depends if you are healthy or if you are coming in to complement a medical treatment. However, the rule of thumb is to begin with four sessions.

What does Reiki do?
Reiki is an energy therapy that works to remove energy blockages.

How do we develop energy blockages?
Energy blockages develop from many forms of stress. It can be emotional, mental, physical and even nutritional stress.

Are "blockages" unhealthy?
Yes, because blockages can obstruct the natural flow of energy in your body. Obstructions can slow down your body's systems and over time accumulation and stagnation of energy develops; and this affects the way you feel, both physically and emotionally.

What happens when blockages are removed?
It causes your body's mechanisms to rebalance naturally; helping you regain a healthier state.

How can I notice the difference?
It depends what you are experiencing when you come in for your reiki session. Every session is a very personal experience and some notice subtle changes like changes in their emotional state and others notice relief from physical pain.

You say that a Reiki session with you is "original", how so?
Because traditionally Reiki involves a light placement of hands over specific areas of the body and once the practitioner is done the session is over. My work is more involved as I am actively working the energy pockets in these areas of the body and at the end of the session; I am able to provide a summary or review of my work to the client.

How is this helpful?
Most of the time we are not able to detect or understand why we do certain things or why we cause our body to feel ill. The interpretation of my findings to the client brings awareness and an understanding they perhaps were not aware of. It simply provides them with an option. This empowers the client.

What do you mean, "Empowers" the client?
Sometimes we get stuck into a specific perception of a situation. Reiki can bring an awareness which provides the client a choice they were not aware they had prior to the session.

How was it that they did not "see" or "feel" they had other choices prior to the Reiki session?
Energy blockages can slow down your body's processes and this can make you either slow to react or too quick to react or react altogether uncharacteristic of yourself. Being in an unbalanced state often affects your ability to see the "big" picture. This is why it is important to help your body stay energetically balanced. It sharpens your focus and you make healthier decisions for yourself.

Is this why you say Reiki's subtle changes can "empower" you?
Yes. Empowerment is your ability to choose and make better decisions for yourself. By bringing your body into an energetic balanced state you can enjoy quality of life. Your decisions are in alignment with which you are; your physical state is stronger, so you do more; and your mental state is focused.

Does Reiki help people with Cancer and other medical conditions?
Yes.  Reiki is a complementary therapy.  It is offered together with conventional medical treatment to strengthening the body's energy systems, relieve stress, boost the immune system and profoundly relax the patient.  

Is there anything else you want to tell us about Reiki energy therapy?
Reiki energy therapy does not interfere with any medical or drug treatment; therefore you may add and receive it as many times as you wish to relax and balance yourself. Everyone from newborns to the elderly can benefit from receiving a Reiki session.

Are most of your clients people that are sick or suffering from a disease?
No, not at all. I see healthy conscious clients as well as ill clients. Both benefit greatly from Reiki.

How often should I come in for a Reiki session?
It depends on your stress level, how your body has responded to the stress and how your body responds to the Reiki session. Some people come once-a-month and others once-a-week. Every person is different.

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