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    email:                                                      Key Biscayne, FL 33149                                          Monday - Saturday 9am-6:30pm

Welcome to The Healing Room, Inc.

The Healing Room is a center for Reiki Energy Therapy and Therapeutic Massage. Founded in 2003 by Nelly Thomas, The Healing Room is located in Key Biscayne, Florida.
We offer different types of Therapeutic Massage which is effective for acute or chronic pain, tension headaches, neck and back pain.  Therapeutic massage sessions may include combinations of deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release and relaxation massage along with contrast therapy, EMS, TENS and ultrasound treatment.

Specialty massage sessions include Oncology massage and Prenatal/Pregnancy massage.  

Reiki Energy Therapy is offered to strengthen the body's energy systems, remove negative accumulation of energy, such as negative pockets in the body's energy field and to help boost the immune system.

Reiki is also offered as a "duo" session together with Therapeutic massage.

Therapeutic Massage
Today, any professional massage
is therapeutic, however...
Relaxation/Swedish Massage

Relaxation massage is essentially
the same as gentle Swedish...
Pregnancy/Prenatal Massage
Pregnancy massage is also known
prenatal massage...
Trigger Point Therapy
is used to treat painful trigger
points that cause referred pain...
Deep Tissue Massage
A combination of friction and
pressure, using fingers...
Massage/Reiki "Duo" Session
The "Duo" session is our most complete
therapeutic therapy...

Oncology Massage
This session is available for
people living with cancer and...
Reiki Energy Therapy
Reiki energy therapy is a holistic
treatment that promotes...
Reiki Instruction
Reiki Instruction classes
are divided into three...
Therapeutic Massage:
75 mins/$125
"Duo" 1-hr Reiki & 1-hr Massage:
Reiki Energy Therapy:

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