Energy Therapy


 What are Energy Therapies?
Energy therapies are therapies that address the individual’s energy flow. Therefore, these therapies focus on the non-physical aspect of the physical body. It is based upon the fact that every living organism has an energy body that surrounds and permeates it. The balance of the energy body is key to physical health and wellbeing.

How are energy therapies helpful?
Energy therapies are holistic in nature and serve as a preventative measure to illness. The non-invasive manners in which energy therapies are administered provide care and support to individuals of all ages. These therapies are completely safe and have no known side-effects. They are the perfect complement to medical treatment and for people on medication as it does not interfere with prescriptions.

What are these energy therapies called?
Reiki, Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch are three types of energy therapy.

Why do we need energy therapies?
Energy therapies serve to balance our bodies from negative energy. The accumulation of energy over areas of our bodies can affect the way in which our bodies respond to and handle illness. Keeping a healthy flow of energy helps to maintain a healthy state.

The Healing Room offers Reiki energy therapy. How is Reiki administered?
All individuals receive Reiki by laying fully clothed on a massage table to enhance comfort and relaxation. Each individual is scanned before they get on the table in order to determine if the session will begin on the back or front of the body. Placing my hands gently over the client's body, I begin the session to: 1) identify areas of stagnation and density, 2) cause these to be removed; and 3) to smooth and balance.

How does Reiki energy therapy work?
Reiki is effective by its ability to help you fall into a deep state of relaxation. The relaxation response engages your physical body's internal healing ability. It is a profound state in which the mind rests and the body uses this opportunity to rebalance its systems while Reiki is being administered. It is a sort of energetic recalibration that occurs over specific areas of the body where energy has become dense and slow in movement. Causing it to move, helps the body regain balance.

What specific conditions can Reiki help with?
Reiki supports every condition as it is not focused on specific diagnosis. By balancing the body's energy flow, all conditions are naturally helped and symptoms relieved.

What are the reported benefits Reiki has provided for your clients?
Reiki is always helpful. Some clients can tell right away, while others feel the difference a day or so later. Many healthy individuals report feeling an overall balance which they notice by their ability to be non-reactive or impulsive over situations that before Reiki they know would have made them over-react.

Reiki has helped clients on medical treatment and medication by reducing the side-effects of treatment, managing their pain; and in some cases, reducing the amount of medication they were on prior to Reiki treatment. Students report mental clarity and focus, and a reduction in their stress level helping them to study for longer periods of time and achieve higher scores on tests. Clients experiencing clinical depression have reported feeling better, lighter and having the desire to become active again.

Some clients have attributed their weight loss to Reiki treatment, stating that their sugar cravings have decreased and their eating habits have improved. Clients with anxiety and panic have reported feeling better after just one session. It has also helped clients suffering from insomnia as these have reported being able to sleep deeply for longer hours.
Some clients have reported a significant reduction in pain after receiving Reiki.
Overall, clients report feeling better, focused and less stress.

Do you recommend Reiki energy therapy for everyone?
Yes, I do recommend Reiki for people of all ages. Studies show it is a safe therapy and it is preventative in nature.

How often should individuals receive Reiki?
It depends if the individual maintains a healthy lifestyle or if the individual is experiencing a chronic or acute condition. Typically, for the healthy lifestyle individual once a month Reiki treatment is sufficient. For the chronic and acute individual, 3-4 Reiki treatments in close proximity from each other will have a greater effect to achieve balance. Once balance is obtained, then they too, can think about receiving Reiki treatment once a month for maintenance.

Has Reiki been able to help all of your clients?
On occasion I have had to refer clients out to receive additional help. I am comfortable doing this as my goal is to help my clients find solutions to their imbalance. Reiki serves as a complement to medical treatment and if a client needs additional help, it is my professional duty to refer them out.

Reiki treatment is often referred to as a spiritual therapy rather than an energy therapy. Can you speak on this?
Yes, I personally believe there are two reasons why people often speak of Reiki as being a spiritual therapy.
First one refers to Reiki's known history of Mikao Usui (who is credited with rediscovering this natural healing ability) and how he received the ability to "heal" which was through his spiritual search of prayer and meditation. The second refers mostly to the invisible existence of energy and since energy is invisible to the physical site, people refer to the unseen energy as spiritual.