Duo Session

 The "Duo" Session is our most popular, most desired session. This session is a two-hour session that was created by our clients. It comprises of one-hour of Therapeutic massage and one-hour of Reiki energy therapy.

The therapeutic massage can be intense and it is mostly concentrated on the neck, upper back, lower back and hip area. These areas of your body tend to hold a lot of tension. Most adhesions, trigger points and muscle spasms are found here and it is typically where you feel pain, pressure, tightness and restricted from movement. Your lower part of the body is deeply stretched to elongate and stimulate these muscles. This feels great. Arms, hands, feet, shoulders, belly, face and head form part of this session. Most people are deeply relaxed by the end of the therapeutic massage and then I begin with Reiki.

Reiki is an energy therapy that I have offered for many years. During the Reiki, the body is not touched as I mostly work off the body to release energy blocks and accumulation of negative energy throughout the body. Negative energy can be very limiting, can give you pressure and pain and can and does make you feel heavy, fatigue, tired and affect your mental and emotional state, slowing you down.

While Reiki does flow through my touch even when I am massaging the client, in this session it is a specific therapy that involves much more than just flowing. Although, most clients love the touch, they want the Reiki too.

Do clients really understand Reiki? Do they know what it is and how it works? Have they received Reiki prior to coming to see me? The answer may surprise you. No. Most of my "duo" clients have never received Reiki before. And, yet they book each and every time for their "duo" 2-hour session.

Just as you don't need to know which therapeutic massage techniques the massage therapist is using, the same goes for Reiki. You don't need to know. Your job is to relax and profoundly relax. In this session, profoundly relaxing is inevitable.

So, if you are feeling stressed, tired, fatigued and you don't know what is going on and when it happened to you, but you know you are slower, denser, aggravated and simply not yourself....it is time to set-up your appointment for your "Duo" Session.

I look forward to helping you return to your "real" you. 

Release the Tissue


Balance your Energy